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coconut wood material that has its own uniqueness especially on the fiber that emits exotic colors and motifs as well as a special way in the process of making it into a product, KALPA makes the first Watch with Tropical Themes in a Creative Industry that emphasizes the Design and Detailing.

KALPA Watch brings a simple and unique design especially for young people (uniseks). With color (body) Watches that will vary the color of each product is a natural effect of coconut wood. The difference in color and wood motif becomes a personal identity for the user

Who we are

The coconut in Malay is derived from the Sanskrit Kalpa Vriksha which means the tree that gives all the necessities of Life. Coconut in Indonesia has long been closely related to daily life and history of the Nation.

Based on that, we use of the name KALPA As a Fashion Brand that uses the best quality coconut wood material comes from the island of Sulawesi, Indonesia as the main ingredient of the manufacture of Fashion products that become a hallmark of Indonesian Original products especially among young people.

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